You have decided to become a Landlord:

  • Does renting your property make financial sense? We will give you advice on your property and what may be required to make your property attractive to tenants. It is our job to ensure you obtain the maximum rent for your property. Where we are managing the property, we check the rent obtained each year to ascertain if the rent should be increased.
  • The Yield. The all important question that every landlord needs to know! The simplest way to calculate your rental yield is to divide the amount you paid for the property by the amount you will receive in yearly rent. For example - if you paid £100,000 for a flat and received £200 per week in rent, then the annual rent would be £10,400. This means the yield will be 10.4%.
  • Consider the tax implications - there have been recent changes and we can introduce you to expert tax specialists who will advise you of your particular circumstances.
  • Make sure your property is safe to be rented out. You will need both a gas safety certificate and electrical installation check. There are other requirements, such as smoke detectors. We will give you the correct advice.
  • Arrange Insurance - you are responsible for both buildings insurance and in some circumstances contents. We can recommend specific Landlords policies for you.
  • We strongly recommend Rent Guarantee & Legal protection Insurance. We can arrange this on your behalf.